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Haircare Manufacturing & Packaging


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Our Capabilities

Capabilities as big as your brand …

Tripak Pharmaceuticals has an extensive manufacturing and contract packaging facility in Australia. We provide blending, filling (bottles, jars, tubes, sprays etc), shrink-wrapping, sachet filling and packaging and more. With a capacity to produce up to 10 million units annually, we have 8 specialised production lines to handle your needs for scale, breadth and value.

Our manufacturing services include:

  • Blending of Liquid, Cream, Emulsion and Gel products
  • Bottle Filling and Packaging
  • Jar Filling and Packaging
  • Tube Filling and Packaging
  • Sprays (non-aerosol) Filling and Packaging
  • In-line automatic Labelling, Batch/Use by Date Coding and Assembly Services
  • Powder Filling and Packaging
  • Sachet Filling and Packaging (dry and wet products)
  • Induction Sealing
  • Tamper Evident Sealing
  • Compliance Packaging
  • Custom Promotional Products
  • Rework
  • Shrink-wrapping
  • Assembly services (where quality control is important)
  • Speciality packaging using a large variety of ancillary packaging equipment to handle special needs with ease and speed
  • …. and lots more!

No matter whether you are new to the industry, or have an established product range on the market, Tripak Pharmaceuticals can manufacture small or large quantities to meet your market demands yet balanced with the realities of commercial constraints. Current production capacities are:

  • Blending 200 litre minimum, 2000 litre maximum batch size
  • Liquid Filling 5ml to 1 Litre, 2000 units minimum run, unlimited maximum
  • Powder Filling 50g to 750g, 1000 unit minimum run, unlimited maximum

Prices are always offered on a volume-price break basis. As an incentive, the more you produce the cheaper it gets!

As your product range and volumes grow, so does our manufacturing and packaging capability. We have the experience and insight to adapt to changing market demands and trends and your evolving production priorities. We are proactive in offering our clients the latest in product and packaging innovations to meet market trends and regulatory imperatives.

If its not listed here we may still do it! We welcome the opportunity to assist with any consumer product or even idea. Contact us now for an obligation free discussion.