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Haircare Manufacturing & Packaging


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Contract Manufacturing, Packing & Packaging

Leading brand owners rely on Tripak Pharmaceuticals … to deliver.

For contract manufacturing, packaging and packing you can rely on Tripak Pharmaceuticals. We walk the talk to deliver to your most demanding deadlines. Tripak offers a manufacturing, packaging and packing service to meet your production schedule requirements whatever the need in a variety of industries.

For example our clients often require:

  • routine filling and packaging (or re-packaging)
  • complete brand production
  • production overload during peak demand periods
  • surge capacity for new product launches
  • large export orders
  • complex products that are too difficult to produce or require a special process
  • commercialising ideas into reality
  • and more…

We know it is vital to you that every product and pack has to look and function perfectly. Your reputation rides on it. Our reputation rides on it too. We treat your company like ours because we care about your brand equity and product presentation as much as you do

Why use Tripak Pharmaceuticals?

  • Draw on our experience and get it right first time
  • Experience the integrity and professionalism of a company that actually cares
  • Why invest in your facility, and tie up your capital, when you have access to one for free?!
  • Use Tripak Pharmaceuticals because… we care

When you need production capacity, and FAST, call Tripak to assist and we’ll make you look good!