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Hair Care Product Manufacturing & Packaging


Hair Care products being manufactured and packaged




Hair Care Product Manufacturing and Packaging

The latest in fashionable hair care products manufactured and packaged

The hair care product market is one of the most competitive and of the highest volumes on the planet. You understand what you want … and we know how to make it happen. Whether it is an existing hair care range, or a new hair product development, we can assist.

When assessing your brief, we look at product features such as:

  • shine
  • feel
  • combing ability (wet and dry)
  • hair holding features
  • volumising attributes
  • protecting mechanisms
  • repairing features
  • manageability and control
  • shaping attributes
  • product in-use performance

If you have an existing hair care range, we also offer a re-formulating service to convert “older style” formulations into modern, often safer, alternatives. With so many ingredients available on the market, we can recommend more natural or safer alternatives so that your consumers can feel more “at ease” when they use your products.

Our service includes shampoo, conditioner and styling products, therefore, if you are looking for a shampoo manufacturer or a hair care product manufacturer, please talk to us.

Whichever hair care feature you are focussing on, our procurement department is very experienced in locating the best ingredients currently available to make you, and your customers, look good!


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