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Pharmaceuticals Packing & Packaging


Pharmaceuticals packaging production (gel caps shown)






Pharmaceutical : Contract Packaging

Contract packaging liquids, tablets, capsules and powders to the highest standards

We offer Australian contract pharmaceutical packaging services. Whether you produce your own range of pharmaceutical products, or import bulk product from overseas, Tripak Pharmaceuticals is able to assist you with the filling and packaging of:

  • pure extracts
  • liquid preparations
  • creams and ointments
  • capsules – hard and softgel
  • tablets – round, oblong and all other shapes
  • powders

Commonly packaged container types/styles range from:

  • plastic bottles
  • tabloid bottles
  • glass bottles
  • jars
  • tubes
  • vials
  • dosage systems

Product security is becoming a major issue in retail. We stay ahead of trends and offer tamper evident sealing and packaging processes including:

  • induction sealing
  • Fuji sealing
  • tamper-tell packaging
  • tamper evident labelling
  • over-wrapping
  • … and more.

Production line rates of more than 15,000 units per day are available to you. Pack sizes from 5ml to 1000ml are processed by using one of our 8 in-line fully automatic packaging and labelling lines. Batch sizes range from 2000 units to the hundreds of thousands of units.

Our pharmaceutical clients use Tripak Pharmaceuticals because:

  • they can trust Tripak Pharmaceuticals with their brand
  • have a staff culture of perfection
  • we routinely deliver to agreed timescales, especially for large orders or “crisis” situations
  • we can switch on our capacity literally within hours of a requirement becoming known
  • experienced in working alongside all departments, be it QA, Production, Marketing or Purchasing providing an informed single point of contact
  • are completely ethical in our business approach
  • retain the confidentiality that our clients expect

If you haven’t approached Tripak Pharmaceuticals before, now is the time to starting putting a plan in place for when the need arises. Contact Tripak Pharmaceuticals today for a confidential and obligation free discussion of your current or anticipated pharmaceutical packaging requirements.