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Sachets | Pharmaceuticals Packing & Packaging


Sachet packets (pharmaceutical packaging products)






Sachet Filling & Sachet Packaging

Contract packaging liquids and powders into sachets to the highest standards

Tripak now offers a wide variety of sachet filling and packaging services to produce most pharmaceutical, personal care, veterinary and food products. With Tripak, your sachets will have the superior “premium” look thanks to our advanced sachet manufacturing processes using the latest efficient European machinery.

Tripak offers:

  • Pharmaceutical grade packaging facility and systems
  • High grade air filtration and humidity controlled environment
  • Your formulation or our stock formulations
  • 3 or 4 sided seal
  • Integrated Batch code and Tear Notch
  • Large and small runs
  • Supplied in bulk or inserted into custom secondary packaging
  • Capability to manufacture/blend your bulk product, pack into other packaging forms (such as tubes, jars or bottles) and fulfil your sachet production needs – all under one roof!

Typical sachet uses

Dosage and portion controlled products

Promoting your brand:

  • launching new products
  • cross promoting products
  • enter new markets
  • quantify your marketing spend and performance
  • bonus gift with purchase
  • promotional events, conferences and trade shows
  • direct mail

Magazine promotion:

  • mass marketing
  • novelty giveaways

And much much more…

Recent sachet filling & packaging projects

Recent examples include the following for some household brands:

  • cosmetic skincare creams and lotions
  • skin exfoliant
  • medical ointments
  • sunscreens
  • shampoo and other hair care products
  • household cleaning promotional products
  • protein and vitamin supplement powder
  • drinks (hot and cold) powders
  • energy enhancers gels
  • hygiene antibacterial gels

Sachet filling capability

  • minimum volume from 20,000 to 3,000,000 sachets per batch
  • dry products like pure powders, mixes, granules
  • wet products like liquid, gel, cream and ointmentsfFill volumes from 1cc to 50cc
  • minimum sachet size 7cm (h) x 5cm (w)
  • 3 or 4 sided seal

Which substrates (film structure)?

Which substrates (film structure) does Tripak use and recommend? Tripak supplies all types of substrates to suit you application based on your detailed requirements:

  • product shelf life requirements
  • film barrier properties (oxygen, chemical, water and air)
  • product/film compatibilities
  • lamination and mechanical properties
  • your marketing “look and feel” e.g. metallic (high tech), satin paper (eco look)
  • printing in up to 8 colour spot or full colour process

What do I have to do to get started?

  • contact us regarding your requirements!
  • we will supply you with an artwork template (for your sachet size)
  • YOU supply artwork in high resolution PDF format
  • we’ll do the rest!
  • expect delivery in 6 weeks from receipt of artwork

What are the costs?

Prices are always offered on a volume-price break basis.

As an incentive, the more you produce the cheaper it gets!


With 22 years producing quality products, you can trust Tripak with your brand.

If its not listed here we may still do it! We welcome the opportunity to assist with any consumer product or even idea. Contact us now for an obligation free discussion.