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Tripak Pharmaceuticals : Company Profile

For 20 years, and 10’s of millions of products later…

Strategically located in Brisbane, for 20 years Tripak Pharmaceuticals is a company that has been producing 10’s of millions of products for leading pharmacy’s, supermarkets, grocery and direct marketing brands in Australia and our client list reads like the “who’s who” of the following industries:

  • healthcare
  • pharmaceutical
  • cosmetic and cosmaceutical
  • natural treatments
  • veterinary, and
  • health and natural foods

Tripak Pharmaceuticals offers a well established synergistic blend of:

  • a purpose built state-of-the-art facility
  • precision equipment
  • ethical, competent and dedicated personnel
  • quality assurance and control systems that really work

Tripak Pharmaceuticals' purpose built facility provides you with a range of capabilities, using 8 unique automatic production lines, offering a wide range of solutions including:

  • product development – using the latest technological developments
  • manufacturing – blending liquid, cream, emulsion, gel and powder products
  • filling and packaging – topical liquids and creams, ingestible liquids, tablets/capsules/soft gels and powder products
  • packing - labelling, induction sealing, shrink-wrapping, POS assembly etc

We currently produce more than 700 product lines. Some recent examples include:

  • nutriceuticals – tablets, hard and soft capsules, tinctures and herbal preparations.
  • dermatologicals – anti-aging products, acne treatments, skin treatments, ointments.
  • hair care – styling products, shampoo and conditioners.
  • natural personal care – natural skin care, natural hair care, natural health care, herbal medicines, complementary medicines
  • functional skin care – sunscreen, liquid soaps and insect repellents.
  • beauty products – bath, day spa, home spa, cosmetics, toiletries, perfumes and deodorants.
  • food products – fruit juice, honey, puree, syrups, liquid flavourings.

Operational processes are carried out in accordance with the following Quality Assurance accreditations:

  • Pharmaceutical Product Manufacturer - Code of GMP (cGMP) administered by the TGA.
  • Food Manufacturer – administered by Queensland Health
  • Veterinary Product Manufacturer – administered by the APMVA
  • Certified Organic Processor – administered by the ACO, BFA and JAS

Our staff are passionate about quality control of your products and are trained to standards that exceed industry norms. Your products are in experienced hands because the directors of Tripak Pharmaceuticals have a combined experience of over 100 years in this industry.

With the capability, capacity and experience in delivering to tight deadlines, Tripak Pharmaceuticals offers a production solution to help you gain a competitive advantage for your business. Over many years, Tripak Pharmaceuticals has built up an enviable reputation with our clients as “the specialist you can trust”.